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The Innovation of Loneliness

This is probably one of the coolest most accurate videos I’ve ever seen. The design and animations in this video is so creative, I’m going to let you check it out for yourself I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Check it out!

melissafinishedadobeSo this is one of the projects we were assigned to do in my Digital Design class. The objective was to find an object and crop little sections of the object to draw into Adobe Illustrator and make it abstract. Can you guess what i chose? The objective was also to try and make the cropped sections abstract, so the viewer may be confused what the object is. I picked a cassette tape for my design, as you can probably tell. This was my first attempt with Adobe Illustrator, though it was hard at first you get the hand of it. Especially the pen tool, woowee that gave me trouble, but none the less I enjoyed the program.  That program in my opinion is harder than Adobe Photoshop and In Design. But obviously those programs are used for a variety of different uses.

Collage of Josef Muller-Brockmann's works

In my Graphic Design class we were assigned to pick a famous Graphic Designer and write a paper, make a collage, and magazine spread all about the artist. This is my collage I put together for the graphic designer Josef Muller-Brockmann. The collage had to include at least ten images/designs that the designer created. Most of these images I cropped and cut up were posters that he created in his career. I used the program Adobe Photoshop to create the collage and it was a lot of fun. I was pretty new to the software but its not that hard to get the hang of. Other than that Josef Muller-Brockmann is a wonderful designer who inspired the world of design forever with creating the grid system. Also he’s considered one of the pioneers of the Swiss Style that transformed typography world wide.

Sing Sang Sung by Air

This video is one of the coolest designed videos I’ve ever stumbled upon. I love the song and visuals to the video, and how one thing blends into another but creates a completely different image and animation. Something like this would be cool to make and gives me millions of great ideas for random animation. Hopefully one day I can design a video similar to his one. This video’s always been one of my favorite videos to watch.

Carla-and-a-Friend-1   Carla-and-a-Friend-2

Isn’t this cute? This was a project held by artist Nina Katchadourian as a side project. While working on anther project called “Animal Crossdressing” the pet snake befriended this little rat. Initially this rat was given to the snake to eat, but the snake would not touch this one. Instead he ate the other rats and cohabited this individual rat.  These are pictures documenting the project and how they interacted with each other. This represents friendship and how intentions can be completely flipped around with the feeling of compatibility and love.

600full-lies-for-the-liars-cover         aiden


This next artist i chose to write about is an artist named Alex Pardee. I chose him because he does a lot of art for one my favorite bands called The Used, and he designs many other bands album work like the band Aiden.

Patient2_72     MarrowMinnie72

I really like his creative ideas on the character he makes in his art. It’s definitely unrealistic art setting aside the nice details he uses, i really like his use of colors and imagination he puts into his work. This creepy kind of art is a style I like to see because it’s out of the ordinary, and grabs my attention on special details that really make the picture come to life. It starts to trigger my wild imagination just by looking at some of his pictures.

Andy Worhol

I love Andy Worhol’s work, this man changed contemporary art ideas completely. He erased the fine line between fine art and popular culture. He influenced many major aspects of art. Worhol is well known for using a technique called “blotted line” technique which is his illustrated signature in most of his work. It combines drawing with very simple print-making which actually sets a theme for Worhol’s artworks.

1998.1.810   1998.1.805

Also Andy Worhol portraits really shaped the theme for the 70’s and 80’s. He crossed new ground on self examining and exploring yourself through his self portraits. The shifting mood of the decades was well projected in most of his portraits.



So i chose this work of art from Jenny Holzer, this picture was taken in Goslar in 2002. From looking at a lot of Holzer’s works it seems as if she is missing something that was once there before. A lot of her work are projections with words on landscape or a building, and almost all of them give me a sort of nostalgic kind of feeling. I interpret that kind of feeling and mood for the images because the wording and relating them to a lot instances in my life. I can feel what she is trying to say even if the phrase literally doesn’t make sense, she does a great job with putting forth her emotions through these projections. She also projects revealing typography that catches people eye on public problems too, like abuse of power. Her projections tell a story if you put them all together in the order they are meant but looking at them one by one can help you analyze the meaning in each individual projection.


Venice 2003

Put the pictures together.

Put the pictures together.

“Take Your Time”, this publication is a work of Olafur Eliasson inside of the Olafur Eliasson Studio kitchen.  Each picture represents some form of daily progress in the relation of recipes and experiments. “Take your Time” implies step by step progress, not rushing yourself and to look at every piece of work as its own. With that, placing images together to make a whole project. For example the recipe’s of this project; every recipe has a specific step and procedure to make the final product tasteful. Taking your time can result to a beautiful outcome and appreciation for each step in the process.  Which can relate to many other models of life and work.